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Britain declares commitment to Samoa post-Brexit

The United Kingdom remains committed to support Samoa .

This is the message from Jonathan Sinclair, British High Commissioner to Samoa, who declared Britain’s commitment by announcing that the UK will be investing GBP 60,000  (T$190,000) to support Social Enterprise projects in the Pacific.

Sinclair concluded his visit to Samoa this week after a busy week meeting with several key ministers, in an effort to reaffirm the UK’s commitment to their allies after their decision to leave the European Union (Brexit).

Sinclair had met with the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Ministers for Health; Justice; Education, Sports, and Culture; and various other special interest groups.

The primary goal of his visit was about making reassurances, and reaffirming commitments made by the United Kingdom to their allies.

During a press conference in Apia, Sinclair assures that his government will be sticking to all of their development and trade commitments made before Brexit.

“Our government does not take that [Brexit] as an opportunity to withdraw from the world, on the contrary, UK will double-down, and look to strengthen its old relationships,” he said.

“The United Kingdom is committed to strengthening further its relationship with Samoa and the Pacific region.”

Sinclair touched on many other issues such as climate, health, and education.  

However, top of the agenda for  Sinclair was Britain’s commitment to Samoa and the Pacific region in the form of a Social Enterprise investment.

“I’m delighted to announce that the UK will be investing GBP 60,000 to support Social Enterprise projects in the Pacific,” he said.

The project focuses primarily on social entrepreneurs and youth leadership.

In a statement, the British High Commissioner to Fiji, Melanie Hopkins, also praised the idea.

“Many Small Island Developing States have proportionally high youth population competing for highly competitive job markets,” Hopkins said.

“[This project] will enable the next generation of entrepreneurs and young leaders to harness their many natural talents in creative and innovative ways. To create business models which generate income for themselves and their communities, and drive youth leadership in society”

The first gathering of Britain’s new initiative, the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017, is due to commence in Christchurch, New Zealand on the 27-29 of September.

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