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Samoa leads Asia Pacific region in statistical data transparency

Samoa is leading the Asia Pacific region in statistical data transparency becoming the first country in the area to launch a new National Summary Data Page (NSDP)

The NSDP is a one-stop statistics shop for publishing essential macroeconomic data, critical for monitoring economic conditions and policies.

The new data page is a response to a recommendation of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS), which identifies economic information that is needed by member countries encouraging them to improve data quality and enhance transparency for their citizens in a timely manner.

MAtangi Tonga reports the NSDP acts as the national data portal and is hosted by the Samoa Bureau of Statistics website.

Samoa’s Minister of Statistics, Afioga Sili Epa Tuioti said that Samoa is committed to improving its statistics system.

“Samoa is committed to using the e-GDDS to continue developing the national statistical system consistent with the best international practices. Samoa’s implementation of the e-GDDS will also lead to the production and dissemination of more reliable and timely statistics,” he said.

By publishing this data, national policy makers and a broad range of domestic and international stakeholders, including investors and rating agencies, can access this information easily and make informed economic decisions.

Director of the IMF’s Statistics Department, Louis Marc Ducharme, welcomed this major milestone in the country’s statistical development.

“I congratulate Samoa for being the first country in the Asia and Pacific region to adopt the e-GDDS National Summary Data Page. I am confident that Samoa will benefit from using the e-GDDS as a framework for further development of its statistical system.”  
Source: Matangi Tonga
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