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Health crisis worsening in PNG : Sir Mekere

Former PNG  prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta claims a crisis in PNG's health care sector is worsening.
He said the latest cuts in the 2017 budget follows spending being slashed for the past three years.

Sir Mekere, who's return to politics to contest the Moresby Northwest Open Seat, said this comes despite promises from Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to protect health and other essential services.
Sir Mekere said there had been a health funding cut in real terms of 40 percent since the 2015 Budget.

He said a critical area was tuberculosis with an estimated 9000 deaths in the past three years.
Sir Mekere said health experts said Mr O'Neill's cuts had destroyed rural and remote health services.
He said about 1500 women die in childbirth every year, while 45 out of every 1000 babies died and the United Nations estimates about 12,000 children under five die each year.

Sir Mekere said PNG needs a properly planned and adequately funded reform program with the assistance of its international partners to undo the damage.
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