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Return of Writs deferred to 28th July

It’s official. 28th July is the new date set for the return of writs after an extension was sought by PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilius Gamato.

“The extension is the result of delays in the counting in some centres that couldn’t complete by the previous date of 24th July which is due to lapse by midnight,”
The new date for the return of writs has been officially announced and PNG Electoral Commission said writs must be returned by then.

“Counting officials must fast track counting in their respective electorates to meet the new deadline for the writs to be returned,” said Gamato .

A total of 51 seats have been declared so far and 60 more seats are yet declare. More seats expected to be declared this week
Meanwhile, seven electorates in Lae, Morobe province returned their writs this morning at the Electoral Commission headquarters.

Commissioner Patilias Gamato expressed his gratitude to the Returning Officers for Bulolo, Markham, Finschaffen, Huon Gulf, Menyama, Nawaeb, and Tewai –Siasi for returning their writs as per the advice of the Electoral Commission.
Manus Province and Kavieng also returned their writs this morning. Respective Provincial Returning Officers and Returning Officers for Manus and Kavieng presented their writs as well to the Electoral Commissioner.
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