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Live updates: PNG Parliament Session to elect Prime Minister

We will bring the live parliament updates starting at 10:00 am  today (Wednesday, 2nd August). 

Please refresh the page to see the posts.   (We thank you for following this live updates). 

3: 41:  Peter O'Neill is now the duly elected Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.
3: 40: Prime Mininster elect is now sworn in by the Governor General Sir Bob Dadae.
3:22pm : Speaker suspends parliament until the ringing of the bell. Prime Minister  elect and Member for Ialibu-Pangia Peter O'Neill is now taken to Government Haus for swearing in as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea by the Governor General.

3:15 pm: Peter O'Neill nominated Prime Minister for PNG 10th Parliament.  Votes stands at : Government 60 Members  : Opposition : 46
3:05: Head count underway : There is  no PM nominee from the Opposition.
3:03: Government side nominates Peter O'Neill as Prime Mininster of the PNG 10th parliament
2:55 pm: Speaker Enters chambers and Election of PM starts
2: : 50 pm:  Kua is not yet present in the chambers. Also the Speaker is yet to enter the chambers and take up his seat.

2: 46: Still  the Speaker is yet to enter the Parliament Chambers
2:33: MPs Waiting for Speaker to take his seat
2:30 pm: Alliance Group takes their seats in the opposition side
2:23 pm: Members from the Government side arrive in the chamber
2:20 pm:  Speaker's convey  arrives at Parliament Haus.
2: 10: Speaker leaves  Government Haus

2:05: Parliament Speaker elect Hon. Job Pomat sworn in at Government Haus by the Governor General, Sir Bob

1:20 : Speaker elect taken to Government Haus for Swearing in by the GG.

1:15: New Speaker vows to bring Parliaments integrity back. He looks forward to working with both sides of the parliament. He suspends parliament  until the ringing of the ball.

1:10: Charlie Benjamin congratulates Speaker elect .  Pruitch also congratulates  Speaker
1:07: Job Pomat takes Speakers seat. O'Neill congratulates  him.
.................................Election of Speaker ..................................................
1:05pm: Job Pomat declared Speaker of 10th Parliament

1:00pm: Ballot counting underway:
12:43: Nomination of  Speaker calls: Government nominates Manus MP Job Pomat.  Opposition nominates Rabaul MP  Allan Marat by Belden Namah . Secret ballot underway
12:42: Signing of  Declaration completed. Election of  Speak next:
12:35 pm: SHP MPs sign declaration. Next is the Speakers election.
12:31: NCD MPs sign declaration

12:30 pm:  Morobe MPs signing declarations now
12: 25: Madang MPs signing declaration

12:20 pm:  MPs still signing declaration: Next will be election of the Speaker.

12:13: Nick Kuman  signs Declaration Forms. That means, Lucas Dekena is not a member for Parliament for Gumine. History in PNG Parliament: Two MPs take oath but only one signs the declaration form.

12:08 : MPs now sign declaration forms starting from Bougainville
12:06: Now taking declaration for Loyalty
12:03:  MPs taking oath : Both MPS from Gumine taking Oath (Funny though)
12:02: Opposition still standing: Injia reads order. Kua still yelling.
12:01: Sir Injua takes his seat.

12:00pm: Sir Injia still remain standing, all MPs also remain standing as the opposition team  continue rowdy and noisy, bending seats and creating more noise.
11: 55 am:  One member Lucas Dekena refuses to leave Parliament. Still more noise
11: 53  am:  Government side and the Parliament Officials keep silent as Alliance group goes rowdy and noisy, pointing fingers yelling.

11: 50 am: Chief Justice waiting for Team Alliance to calm down
11:45: More rowdy shouting  and parliament is uncontrolled   as team  Alliance continue yelling
11:41:  Team Alliance goes rowdy and no respect at all.
11:37:  Kua still yelling on his point of order. Mr. Clark, Mr.Clark, Mr.Clark
11:33 : Prayer underway by a church pastor
11:31 : Chief Justice enters the chambers and takes the speakers seat.
11: 30 am: Reading names complete. Kua still yelling on his point of order
11:27: Clark continues to read names

11: 25:  Clark delares Nick Kuman as duly elect MP of Gumine
11:24: Kua keeps yelling at the Parliament clarks " kukus"
11:23: Kua asks Clark to remove, O'Neill, Marape, Kuman, Undualu, Duma, big shouting and yelling, parliament in chaos and uncontrolled yelling, pointing fingers at each other.
11:20 am: Kua puts point of order, claims six strangers to be removed from  the parliament

11: 16: Parliament Clark  reads out list of members confirmed elected.
11:10 am:  Parliament Clark enters and reads out the order.

11:07 am:  Still delays as Dekena refuses to leave the  Chamber.  Parliament Police may use force  to                   remove one of the MPs  either Dekena or Kuman.
10:55: Dekena refuses to leave Parliament Chambers. More delays
10:48: Belden Namah Speaking to Dekena Gumine Member Elected. Parliament clarks are trying to          eject him  (Dekena). out of the Parliament. This means that Nick Kuman has been accepted as             Member duly elect for Gumine

10:47 :  Madang Regional  winner. Peter Yama takes seat on the government  side .
10:45 : Parliament Clerk  requests  Gumine MP Dekena to leave the chambers  but he refuses
10:40: Still delayed. CJ yet to arrive into the chambers

10:30: Chief Justice yet to arrive in the chamber . Still waiting.  It looks like Chief Justice is confused
           on the two members in the parliament for the same Gumine Seat.  Parliament
           Clark yet to provide list to              the Chief Justice.

10:21: Lucas Dekena of Gumine is also seen seated in the Chambers so two members so far for  the                   Gumine Open . One will be definitely removed from the chambers. Lets wait and see.

10:20 : Chief Justice within the Parliament vicinity but yet to arrive in the chambers
10:15: Members still waiting for Sir Injia. Nick Kuman is seen taking one of the seats.
10:11:   Chief Justice yet to arrive. Security  is very high around the parliament area.

10:06: The members are now waiting for Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia to arrive and chair the                        parliament session to elect the Prime Minister.
10:05:  Hon. Peter O'Neill , William Duma, Julius Chan takes the front seats
10:03: PNC and its coalition partners enter the parliament chambers. They take the seats at the Government side.
10:02:  Pruitch, Basil,  Mekere takes the front seats  on the opposition site of the chamber
10:00  am : Alliance Group Enters Parliament Chambers.

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