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Community elders commend Solomon Islands Police: Seven crocodiles killed

Members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) National Response Department have shot seven crocodiles during an operation in the West Are’ Are area of Malaita Province recently.
The operation was conducted at the Kiu and Waitara villages after a report was received of frequent sightings of the crocodiles posing a threat to the communities.
Supervising Director of RSIPF’s National Response Department (NRD) Steve Waiwori says, “The shooting of those crocodiles have built the confidence and trust of people in the communities in the RSIPF after RAMSI, who has been carrying out operations to kill the reptiles left in June this year.”
“These reptiles are a threat for our communities and members of the public are encouraged to contact their nearest police station if they sight any of them near their villages so we can send our officers to get rid of them,’ says Mr Waiwori.
People can call the Police emergency line 999 or you call direct the NRD direct on phones 23824, 23825 or 23826.

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