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U.S, Australia unite to back PNG

The United States is working with Australia and other partners to support PNG’s hosting of APEC 2018, says US embassy deputy chief of mission Mary Drake.

Drake told a three-day workshop in Port Moresby on the US-APEC Technical Assistance to Advance Regional Integration, that the US was committed to helping PNG.

Principal APEC coordinator at the US Department of State Emily Fischer said the U.S had been working with PNG since 2013 to prepare for the meeting.

“Now as 2018 is drawing closer, we are gathering once more in Port Moresby to bring together line ministries and PNG’s core APEC team to create roadmaps outlining PNG’s intended deliverables for 2018,” Fischer said.

“A year can go by very quickly. So the more preparation done in advance, the more successful the Leaders’ Meeting will be next November.”

She said the project works with government officials, technical experts, and APEC professional staff to advance the capabilities of everyone in the region.

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