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China plans to strengthen bilateral ties with Fiji

The People's Republic of China will continue to promote Belt and Road international co-operation based on the principle of planning together, building together and sharing together.

Speaking at a media briefing on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chinese Embassy charge d'affaires Gu Yu said more efforts would be made to promote policy co-ordination, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond.

“By doing so, we will build new platform for international co-operation, and create new driving force for common development,” said Gu.

“Over the past several years, China-Fiji relations have maintained a good momentum of overall development with exchanges and co-operation in various fields yielding fruitful results.

“Trade, investment and aid projects have been promoted. Several China-aid infrastructure projects such as Nabouwalu-Dreketi Highway, Somosomo hydro-power station have been commissioned.”

He said technical assistance projects such as rice planting and Juncao (Mushroom) cultivation had completed the first phase, and the second phase of co-operation was in the pipeline.

“A number of aid projects have commenced such as Stinson Parade Bridge, Vatuwaqa Bridge, Suva Civic Centre Auditorium renovation.”

Gu said the successful congress would make an important influence on maintaining and enhancing the relations between China and developing countries, including Fiji.

“Developing countries are foundation of China's diplomacy, also are sincere partners on the path of peaceful development. “China will strengthen South-South co-operation with developing countries, uphold justice and share interests, facilitate mutually beneficial co-operation with developing countries, and make new contribution to common development and prosperity.” Gu said in its bid to narrow the gap between the North and the South, China planned to increase its assistance for developing countries, particularly the least developed countries.

“China will speak up for developing countries, support reasonable demands of developing countries, firmly safeguard the common rights of developing countries. China will strengthen co-ordination with developing countries on regional and international affairs, expand the representation and voices of developing countries,” he said.

He said the strong economic complementarity and the huge potential China and Fiji were faced with historically provided opportunities to synergise strengths in economic co-operation.

“Situated in a prime location, and boasting rich resources, well-regulated market, and sound legal system, Fiji is the Pacific country that is the most deeply and substantively involved in linking with the Belt and Road initiative.

“China has the capital, technology, market, enterprises, talents, and development experience. Both China and Fiji complement respective strengths, and we need each other for co-operation and development.”.

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