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Deactivation of all SIM cards to commence in new year

Deactivation of all sim cards will commence on the 1st of January 2018 and the mad rush is on to register sim cards with only 3 days remaining.

To avoid this deactivation process, Digicel sim card users have be seen crowding up inside the Digicel shop at Vision City and outside VC for the past two weeks in order to get their sim card registered.

This newsroom spoke to 17year old Julie Bani, a high school student of the Yauwe Moses Secondary School in Chimbu province who was one customer who went to register her Digicel sim card this week.

After standing for a lengthy period in the line at the Vision City Digicel outlet, she was told she needed a statutory declaration form first.

Julie says,” I came to register my sim but I was unable to because I do not have any valid ID card.”

Julie was sent back and given a statutory declaration form by staff to fill out and have signed at the courthouse.

“I have no idea where the Waigani courthouse is and this is only my first time on holidays in Port Moresby so I have no idea how to get such a form signed.”

She added, “I do not even know what a statutory declaration form is to begin with.”

Now Julie has to find some way of getting to the courthouse, getting her form signed and then bringing it back to stand in a long queue again just to get her sim card registered before December 31st.

Meanwhile, any Digicel sim card users without any form of identification will not be able to register their sim card without a filled and signed out a statutory declaration form first to verify their identity.

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