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PNG seeks India’s help in Technology

INFORMATION and communications technology is the catalyst and enabler of social and economic development which impacts all sectors, says a government report.
The report is the outcome of a government fact-finding mission to India and was put together by the Department of National Planning and Monitoring. It says that both Papua New Guinea and the India recognise that information and communications technology (ICT) is crucial to the growth of the economy and the improvement of socioeconomic standards.
India has a strong ICT sector. With that in mind, PNG will explore ways it can get India to help develop skills, product innovation and technology transfer.
India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and PNG’s Ministry of Information and Technology and Energy have agreed to develop closer cooperation and the exchange of information for the development of the ICT sector in this country.
ICT and Energy Minister Sam Basil has authorised for PNG to apply to be a member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), which is a grouping of more than 121 nations, most of them sunshine countries, whose work is geared towards the exploitation of solar energy. The organisation is based in India.
Through this membership it is hoped that PNG can meet the sustainable energy requirements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
PNG can also access funds from the Green Energy Fund to help with climate friendly projects. The National/PNG Today
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