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Police in Western Province, Solomon Islands gearing up for New Year Festivity

Police in Western Province are preparing for the New Year (2018) festivity operation after days of busy with Christmas festivity operation. 

Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu says, “ Since the Christmas Festivity police operation in Western Province started, Seven (7) suspects were charge with restriction of making liquor under liquor act; one (1) suspect was charge with consuming liquor in public place; one (1) suspect was charged with criminal trespass under Penal Code; four (4) suspects were charged with Common Assault under the Penal Code; two (2) suspects were charged for obstructing moving vehicles under Road and Transportation Act; one suspect was charged for unlawful wounding under Penal Code; one suspect was charged with drunk and disorderly behaviour under the liquor act; twelve (12) vessels checked for overloading according to safe boat operation and verbally warned; and two (2) traffic cases registered involving vehicle accidents”.

The record of reports shown, brewing of alcohol for sale without license has the highest and so implicated in other registered cases, alcohol is a driving factor to most of incidents reported to Western Police.

“Selling of liquor without a license is serious in law that carries a custodial penalty of three years imprisonment and fine of four thousand dollars”, says PPC Lenialu.    

Chief Superintendent Lenialu says, “New Year is drawing close and is obvious from the records, alcohol is a driving factor of the incidents that if you are drinking alcohol, do not drive a vehicle and vessel or boat. More people should only take alcohol for enjoyment and not to cause problems”.

“My officers are gearing up targeting illegal sale of alcohol, drink and drive and anti-social behaviour and to avoid you being caught is advisable to do what is right according to the law and avoid yourself from consuming excessive alcohol”, says Mr. Lenialu. 

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