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Samoa road accident claims life of 51 year old mum

One family will be entering the New Year on a sad note, after a 51-year old mother was hit and killed by a speeding truck in Apia, Samoa.

The driver, a 20 year-old male, has been charged by police with 'negligent driving causing death'.

The incident occurred at Siusega, at around 12pm Wednesday on the main road heading towards Tafaigata.

The victim was still conscious immediately after the collision, however, she was pronounced dead shortly upon arrival at Motootua Hospital.

According to the Police report, the victim’s injuries contributed to her death.

Samoa Police have also reported four additional deaths caused by driving incidents during the Christmas holidays.

Drivers have been urged by Police to follow road rules as well as designated speed limits, to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Photo file. Caption: Siusega main road heading towards Tafaigata, the scene of the collision. LoopSamoa
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