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Solomon Islands Police in Tulagi assisting 7 year-old male attacked by crocodile

Solomon Islands Police in Tulagi, Central Province responded to a report of 7 year-old male attacked by a crocodile at Poipodilo settlement via Voloa main village Central West big Ngella today (28 December 2017) and assisted the boy for medical attention.

It was alleged the boy was swimming in a river at Poipodila settlement and then the crocodile attacked him by pulling the boy into the river and was lucky relatives of the boy show the attack and responded by distracting the reptile with stone attacks and cause the dangerous reptile to leave the boy.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Inspector Hugo Maelasi says, “The boy has been assisted by my officers to get medical attention at Tulagi Hospital and in safe hands of Tulagi medical authority”.

“The communities who live alongside rivers, creeks, streams and coastal must take extra precaution from the danger of reptiles, says Supervising PPC Maelasi.

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