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Man stitches and locks up woman's genitalia in a brutal rape attack in Lae

The accused (L) was beaten up and brought to Police station
in Lae
A man has been detained by police in Lae in relation to allegations of rape, grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding and deprivation of privacy and liberty, PNG local newspaper, the Post Courier reports.

In a strange and brutal twist, the man allegedly had control over a woman in sexual bondage by applying a lock and key to his strange obsession.

The traumatised woman was rescued from her ordeal by the Three Mile community and police yesterday when news of the man’s strange behavior came to light after the woman laid a police complaint.

Angry members of the public bashed up the man and handed him over to police with his bundle of keys.

According to a statement the woman gave to police, the man allegedly stitched her genitalia shut using cotton and needle, and later created incisions from which he used a padlock to keep her private part locked up.

Three Mile police, more used to dealing with drunks, drug dealers, careless drivers, and criminals, were reportedly shocked at the unfolding story as it is the first time many of the men in blue have heard something like this in the area of operation.

The woman from Madang province told them her genitals were sewn up and the stitches later removed only to be replaced by lock and key.

She said the key was carried around by her husband’s cousin brother since December last year.

She suffered continuous abuse from the perpetrator, aged 39, from Bau village in Huon-Gulf district in Morobe Province, who wanted to take her as his wife.

The man had threatened to kill the woman with a gun, knife and axe if she reported the matter to police.

The community, fed up with the ongoing abuse by the man, came to the victim’s rescue.

In an interview with the victim at the police station, the women told the Post Courier the lock was still there on her body and the key was always with her captor.

She said he only removed the lock when he wanted to have sex with her and then locked it up again and took the key away with him.

“He told me he will cut me into pieces if I reported what he had been doing to me.

“My husband left me and went to Port Moresby in 2016 to follow up on some of his funds and I have been living with my children when my husband’s cousin came in and started doing this,” the victim said.

The man threatened to harm her last Friday so she filed a complaint with the Three Mile police who seized the man with the support of the community yesterday.

Officer in charge of gender based violence and family sexual violence unit of Three Mile, Constable Deborah James said this was the first time such a case had been brought to police.  Source: Post Courier

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