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Systematic screening for TB in Daru

As part of the emergency response to the Tuberculosis and Multi Drug Resistant TB situation in Daru Western Province, a new step to combat this disease was officiated on Monday.

The Systematic Screening of TB is a step towards addressing the TB situation in the province and the screening will be done using a van that will be carrying a digital X-Ray machine and computer aided diagnostic for TB.

The screening will involve partners like the World Vision, Burnet Institute and HHISP who will be working together on ground to carry out the Systematic Screening which aims to screen all families living on Daru Island.

Daru Town Mayor Mr Samuel Wingu reminded the people of Daru again about the disease that has spread across the Island and that it was important for everyone on the Island to get all their family members screened.

“This screening programme is very important to us and I urge you all to welcome this van in your communities when it comes around to do screening and everyone is expected to cooperate with the TB screening team” said Mr Wingu

Meanwhile Senior Director for Health, Nutrition and Population for World Bank Mr Tim Evans said this was an unusual opportunity for the partners do something that has never been done anyway else, which is to systematically screen the entire population for Tuberculosis.

“This is an opportunity to kick TB out of Daru and not only that, it is also an opportunity for the people to Daru to have access to the Health care they need and deserve” said Mr Evans.

The Systematic Screening of TB will be rolled to other hot spot provinces like Gulf and NCD once it is confirmed to be successful in Daru.  PNGFM / PNG Today
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