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Vanuatu PM blames superpowers for Climate Change

“We are the victims of the mess caused by superpowers some of whom do not wish to recognise their responsibility that they have caused the mess (destroying the ozone layer or blanket created by God to absorb the heat from affecting creation).

“I am not afraid to confirm that they (superpowers) have caused this mess to prompt ice in the Arctic and Antarctic to melt to increase the sea level rise to swallow the small islands of the Pacific including islands in Vanuatu”.

Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai made the statement at the launching of Kawene Solar Farm at Devil’s Point, which is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with European Union (donor), UNELCO (private company) and Government in line with Vanuatu Energy Road Map.

Despite their defiant stand and refusal to commit themselves to the Climate Change Conferences since COP21 in Paris, Vanuatu though one of the victims, is striving to develop alternative energy to contribute towards slowing down climate change impact.

The Prime Minister says as a small island country, Vanuatu will strive to participate in all climate change meetings including the most recent one where Presidents and Prime Ministers of 47 countries took part.

“Currently our first enemy at our door step is climate change as it is causing the sun to become extra hot, more cyclones to become stronger at short notice and more earthquakes and more tsunamis. All this is going to affect our food security, the air is affected, land is affected and sea is affected. I took part in a tree planting ceremony last week which is linked to what we are about to launch at Kawene Solar Farm”, he says.

Vanuatu’s position is unchanged that they must compensate us (the victims) for damage and loss because we are already experiencing them. Many people are forced to become displaced due to sea level rise; either from their villages or schools and they are counted as losses and they should be compensated because this is always Vanuatu’s position at the United Nations. I have made the same statements for compensation three times already beginning at COP21 in Paris”.

But the Prime Minister is concerned that the population of Vanuatu does not realise the impact of climate change as important yet while some parts of the islands are already under water; parts of Ambae, Banks and the South are already at risk.

“Look at Mele Village’s Swuango School. During a small cyclone, waves run through the classrooms to go out by the doors at the other side”, he adds.

The Prime Minister calls on the public to take precaution now to minimise the impact of climate change.

One of the countries that did not endorse COP21 was the United States of America.

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