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14th Yumi FM PNG Musik Award Winners

Following are the winners for the 2018 14th Yumi FM PNG Musik Award that took place at the Lamana Gold Club last night.
• Justin Kili Award - Greg Seeto
• Best New Artist of the Year – Yung D (Rongefa/Perempuan Papua)
• Artist of the Year – Wame Blood( Meri Lewa/I’m Your man/Mount Lemina
• Song of the Year – Ambuge Best Peren ( Elbig Raingz featuring Kande Dwayne
• People’s Choice song of the Year – Loneliness (Saii Kay)
• Male Artist of the Year – Elbig Raingz (Ambuge Best Peren/Sagat Ifan)
• Female Artist of the Year – Rii Kah & Ya’ Nerl – (Memori)
• International Artist of Year – Ngaire LJ Joseph
• Best Duo/Group of the Year – Wame Blood (Mt Lemina)
• Producer of the Year – Dr Wiz

The re-introduced category for this year is the Female Artist of the Year and the new category introduced for this year’s award is the International Artist of the Year.

The international Artist of the Year was recognized in association with Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and the nominees in this category are Papua New Guineans who had their music played all over the world.
The 15th YUMI FM PNG Musik Award will be back next year around this time to recognize our top local artists/songs and producers for 2018.

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