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Solomon Islands Police destroy crocodiles in Western Province

The Police Response Team (PRT) of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) destroyed two crocodiles at Kolombangara Island in the Western Province on 13 March 2018.

Director of the RSIPF National Response Department, Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo says, “PRT members were deployed in an operation to Western Province from Honiara following information from the people of Kolombangara that crocodiles were seen in the coastal area and rivers on the Island and were a danger to people there.”

“As a result two crocodiles measuring from three to three and half meters long were destroyed by PRT members at a river in the Lolu Village on Kolombanga Island,” says Chief Superintendent Riolo.

He adds: “My officers will continue to respond to requests to destroy crocodiles from communities as the reptiles become a danger to their members.”

The process of requesting assistance by the communities includes:

•Submit a formal request through the office of the Provincial Police Commanders (PPC) or to your nearest police station, stating very clearly where the crocodile or crocodiles have been sighted.

•The request form must bear the name of a community leader, date and signatory of the leader giving permission to the police to carry out the destruction of crocodile/s;

•The community leader who makes the request must also declare that no claim of compensation may be laid against the RSIPF for destroying crocodile/s within the surrounding area of his/her community; and

•If the community leader wishes to cancel the request to destroy the crocodile/s, they must do so in writing to the same PPC that they have made the original request.

In the event you are unable to make a written request, ask for help from other members of your community to do it on your behalf or ask an officer of the RSIPF to assist you write the request.
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