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Vanimo Hospital ICU needs Medical Equipments

Vanimo General Hospital’s emergency unit is yet to receive funding for the purchasing of its new equipment.

The hospital’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alphonse Yalim, said that the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is yet to receive funding from the government to purchase new equipment and facilities.

“We have not received funding from the government therefore we have not purchased new equipment for our intensive care unit yet,” said Mr Yalim.
He stated that the country’s current economic crisis has contributed to the hospital’s lack of new facilities.

Vanimo General Hospital’s ICU has been opened since 2015 but due to lack of funding the accident and emergency section of the ICU has been without lifesaving equipment for about three years now.

At this time, the hospital has not received any information from the health department on when exactly the funds will arrive for the purchase of the equipment, leaving the hospital only relying on the wards for emergency cases.

PNGFM/PNG Today : Picture sourced: Vanimo General Hospital

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