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Asian man caught with cash taped to his body in $100,000 Fua‘amotu smuggling attempt in Tonga

A 54-year-old Asian man was arrested with stacks of cash strapped to his body on Tuesday as he was suspected of attempting to smuggle over $100,000 in different currencies out of Tonga.

The man was trying to cross Fua’amotu International Airport customs to board an aircraft but was reported to have been detained by border police after acting suspiciously.

The suspect has been charged with failing to declare the amount of money.

Tongan law stipulates travellers are in general only allowed to carry up to TOP$10,000 when departing and flying out of the country without filling out a declaration form.

He has been released on bail on Wednesday, May 16 to appear at the Fasi Magistrate’s Court, Police said.

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