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Bainimarama to be sworn in today as PM for the next four years

FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama will be sworn in as the Fijian Prime Minister, serving his second term for another four years.

Bainimarama stays after he and his party won the 2018 General Election with about 50 percent of total votes, as announced by the Fijian Elections Office on Sunday.

This earned FijiFirst 27 of 51 seats in Parliament.

In his victory speech following the announcement on Sunday, Bainimarama said he proud to become Fiji’s Prime Minister once again, “a Prime Minister of all who call Fiji home”.

“I’m proud to once again be the Prime Minister of a Fiji that has to offer so much more to its people and the world,” he said.

“Today I ask all who voted for us and also those that didn’t, to run with us as we all work together to make Fiji a better place for all our citizens and our future progeny under a united banner blue.”.

“We will not discriminate against anyone, we will help and grow all, we will unite Fiji despite the poisoning of minds and we will build a country where we all become truly proud and progressive citizens that do not judge each other because of our differences but instead become a nation where we celebrate and unite in our similarities.”

Bainimarama said despite the joint forces of opposition that started their campaign based on lies, hate and fear against FijiFirst four years ago, the party has triumphed because of the people of Fiji.

Meanwhile, the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) is continuing its work to compile the final report on the 2018 General Election.

MOG co-chair Jane Prentice said although these important processes were now complete, the MOG’s work was ongoing.

“While the vote, count and results are now finalised, we will be continuing to work on the MOG’s final report,” said Prentice.

“The report will consider the whole electoral process, and will be comprehensive and objective in its assessments.”

The MOG had attended the announcement of the final results of the 2018 Fijian General Election and the returning of the election writ on Sunday.

“We will deliver the report once all electoral processes under the Electoral Act have been completed, including the legally-mandated disputes period,” Prentice said.

“We continue to welcome engagement with stakeholders, as the views of all Fijians are important to us,” she said.


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