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Bougainville implements Clocking System for Public Servants

The Acting Chief Secretary for Bougainville THOMAS RAIVET has called on all Bougainville Public servants to start following the Bougainville Standard Time starting Monday.
Speaking at the ABG Public Service dedication service at HAHELA t, MR. RAIVET called on all Secretaries to make sure they introduce the clocking system at places of work starting Monday.

He said the time of coming to work on PNG time and knocking off on Bougainville time must stop and public servants must be paid for the hours they work.
MR. RAIVET called on the public servants to be creative despite shortcomings and make changes to improve the delivery of services to our people.
He said Public servants can do more if they are committed and stop excuses like lack of finance transport equipment and so on and so forth.

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