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Former MP Labi Amaiu implicated in illegal land title fraud

The Waigani Committal Court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence and a reasonable prima facie case to commit the former Moresby North East MP to the National Court to be tried.

Senior Magistrate, Cosmas Bidar, made the ruling this morning (Friday 18.01.19) after considering evidence before him.

Labi Amaiu is facing fraud-related charges, for illegally transferring over 301 titles belonging to the National Housing Corporation.

Amaiu from Kompiam-Ambum in Enga Province was arrested and charged last year with 7 counts of conspiracy to defraud the State, and another 7 counts of misappropriation.

The charges relate to the transfer of 301 titles on portion 528 at the Duran Farm Housing Estate at 8 Mile.

Its alleged that the titles were transferred to PNG Resources Corporation Limited.

Its also alleged that the transfer of the titles, valued over K24m was acquired without following proper processes.

Its alleged that there is no evidence that any actual money was paid, and it appeared that the NHC and the State was defrauded of more than K24m.

Magistrate Bidar ruled that Duran Farm Housing project is a Government approved and funded project which is alleged to have gone terribly wrong in the sense that established processes and requirements of various legislation's were not not been complied with.

The case is adjourned to February for Amaiu to provide his statement to the court.

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