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Jubilee Secondary School refuses to enrol extra students

More than 30 parents with their children who were given acceptance letters to do grade 9 at Jubilee Secondary School in Port Moresby were turned away by the school when they went to register.

Deputy Principal Mrs Barbara Miles explained to parents that the school only selected 275 students which the school can only cater for and the rest of the students that received acceptance letter from the Education Department were not part of that selection. 
“If your child is not in the list of 275 students, then those are the extra students that the Department of Education sent to us but have not told us where they will sit for their lessons”

Mrs Miles told parents that the school had only 17 classrooms and five of those classrooms are for the 275 grade 9 students. 

She said the Department is aware that the school can only cater for 275 grade 9 students and yet they had to send extra numbers while ignoring the fact that the school cannot cater for them.

“If you are going to push me to take on the extra students,where will I keep those students? How can I deliver quality education if the classrooms are overcrowded?”

“You as parents also need to be proactive about this issue, go and demand answers from the Department that continues to make policies that are not practical.”   

Meanwhile a parent Roselyn Tegi expressed her disappointment at the way the selection was made. 

“This is frustrating as I have already bought my daughters school uniform for Jubilee Secondary school and when I turned up today to register her, I am told that her name is not on list” 

“How is this even possible? She received an acceptance letter from the Department. And these are our children’s lives we are talking about,”said the parent.

The school principal has been having meetings with the Archdiocese and the Education Department to find options available for the issue at the hand.

Parents of those affected students have been asked to meet with the school principal by this week Friday between 9am-10am. Legend FM News

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