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PNG Hunters to name team next week

The SP PNG Hunters is winding down its training, before naming a team for the 2019 Intrust Super Cup season.

Assistant Coach Nigel Hukula, says the team is working to trim its 32 players down to 28 before the competition kicks off.

"We're moving into a bit of skill as well. We'd like to have a look at skill and technical aspect as well.

"We're looking at by the end of next week, to have a reduced squad to about 28," Hukula said.

He further says with new faces in key positions like the halves and hooker, they want to make sure they fit into the Hunters culture.

"Having a new set of players come through with energy, and you know it is inevitable that in any organization you will release players for various reasons be it whether they are progressing on to other places or if we find that they do not fit into this program.

"For those that have come in culture is a big thing and we're making sure they get the best opportunity to fit into this culture," Hulula said.

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