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Lae Police shoot dead gunman

Lae Police displaying homemade guns used by the gang. 

Police in Papua New Guinea's second largest city of Lae shot dead armed man after his gang tried to rob vehicles. According to Police statement via social media, a "Special Response Unit (RSU)  was patrolling the city roads  when they came across three armed men. The three men were standing in the middle of the road, attempting to hold up vehicles travelling on the opposite of the freeway travelling outbound Lae.

The three armed men had already stopped vehicles, leaving a long queue of vehicles trying to escape by negotiating how to turn around while some had pulled aside".

One of the armed robbers was shot dead and homemade gun recovered at the scene.

This is the second shooting in a matter of weeks in the same area.

Warning had been given to youths to refrain from carrying out armed robberies, as time will catch up with them.

SRU 102 patrol area covers Nawaeb Block, Miles area up to Nadzab. There are always two units on patrol within their area at all times. SRU 102 and Miles Police will keep constant check of the area". Police said.

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