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Jimi MP Goi Vows Loyalty To PM O'Neill's PNC Party

The Vice Minister for Works and MP for Jimi Wake Goi has made his stance clear after the resignation of five PNC members that his loyalty is with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Governors Sir Peter Ipatas (Enga), William Powi (Southern Highlands), Philip Undialu (Hela), and MPs Davis Steven (Esa’ala) and Manasseh Makiba (Komo-Magarima), have all resigned from the PNC party last Friday.

“The O’Neill government is doing a lot for the country’s benefits and developments through his leadership and we should all be working together instead of leaving,” said Mr Goi.

“We are a team and such actions by the five politicians should be well addressed in a round table discussion with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill so that good order is still maintained in the party.

“Despite the resignations by the five leaders on the floor of parliament and in the PNC party, the government is still very stable since there is quite a large number of other government coalition parties who will run the show to maintain good governance and better service delivery for all Papua New Guineans.

“The PNC party has supported us in many ways so that we can retain our positions and role as members of parliament therefore, we have to be strong so that it can pave way for future investors into our country to boost our economy and see PNG reach fruition.”

Mr Goi vowed to continue his loyalty and service with the PM even if it means that they are the last person standing.

He also called on social media users to stop disseminating offensive or false information as these tarnished a person’s integrity and must leave the game of politics for politicians to handle.

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