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Legality of Sogavare's candidacy for Solomon Islands PM questioned

The fate of Manasseh Sogavare as Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement’s (DCGA) candidate for Prime Minister of Solomon Islands will be made known on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday this week.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui will declare whether Sogavare is eligible to contest the post or not.

This was revealed by rival candidate Mathew Wale who represents the Grand Coalition during a press conference Sunday night after they have sought the advice from Sir Frank Kabui on the issue.

Wale said a letter has been sent to the Governor General and he had already responded saying the decision will be made on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday.

“Yes, we have written to him and he has acknowledged us on that concern but said he will have to look on that issue and any decision will be made on the floor of parliament during the PM’s election day,” he said.

Sogavare’s legality to be a candidate is now a question that many people are asking as they don’t see it worthwhile according to the constitution guided under the Political Parties Integrity Act.

But earlier on a statement from Our Party executive said they have initially followed due process in registering their members and claimed they are legally registered.

It was stated that prior to the elections, the Party submitted their application to the office of the Political Parties Integrity Commission (PPIC) prior to the proclamation of the date for the national general Election (NGE).

However, upon submitting their application the Registrar of Political Parties position was still vacant as a result Our Party could not register.

After the appointment of the Registrar had been formalised, the Commission was unable to call a meeting to discuss the application because the announcement for the National General Elections had already been declared.

Thus, the Commission further agreed to meet at a later date following the elections to consider their application.

As a result members of Our Party had to contest as independents that were in coalition with Kadere Party as ‘Affiliates’.

“The Our Party executive eventually received the approval from the Commission after their meeting recently,” the statement reads.

Our Party has a total of 17 MPs- elect members and is headed by the Member of Parliament-elect for East Choiseul and three-time Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.


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