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PM O'Neill Accepts Finance Minister Marape's resignation

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has accepted Finance Minister James Marape’s verbal resignation saying the resignation is unfortunate but work must go on.

Speaking from New Ireland, Peter O’Neill appeared to downplay the significance of the resignation.

He said Mr. Marape has not spent time with his electorate and on issues that are close to his people because of his ministerial responsibilities.

“We are all elected as local members first and foremost and our districts require great attention for us to ensure improved levels of services.

“I have not heard from the minister today and as a matter of protocol, I expect he will be in contact soon to convey his intentions.

There are also reports that the Defense Minister has announced their intentions to resign. However, his office has refused to comment until official statements are released.

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PNG Finance Mininister Marape Resigns

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