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PNG Politics : Decision Of Ministers To Cross The Floor Are In-House Matters

The Deputy Prime Minister and Treasury Minister Charles Abel told media on Saturday that issues which had caused some state ministers to cross the floor are in-house matters that have been addressed.

But he said they could not blame everything on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill all the time, as he is just one man.

Mr Abel, in a conference flanked by Milne Bay Governor Sir John Luke Crittin, said as a team they would continue to respond to those issues and that he stood by his brothers in the party and will stick together to ensure there was stability.

“As a team, we will continue to respond to those issues. So in such a time like this, it is my duty to ensure that there is continuing stability in the country and we need to continue to work on the many good things that our party and the coalition partners have done,” he said.

“I want to reassure the people we have heard their concerns and we are sticking together as a team and we are ensuring stability as we continue to respond to the cries of the people.”

He said that the government has a team of 60 members which included coalition parties.

Mr Abel said the government was intact and they would accept anyone of the dissenting MPs who now joined the alternate government camping at Laguna Hotel.

When asked about Sir Puka being a Southern/Papuan block senior MP, he said: Sir Puka is a leader in his own right, he had his reasons to leave but as I said, we acknowledge all those reasons he had as his concerns, but the question is, how do we go on fixing all these matters as we have to take a collective responsibility and neutralise something about these issues.

“These are in-house matters to be resolved.”

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