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Muthevel refutes Bribery allegations

Papua New Guinea Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel has refuted allegations that he had used public monies to pay LLG presidents to influence the vote for a new governor for West New Britain Province.

While Mr Muthuvel will remain as the regional MP, he will have to resign from the office of the governor, after his predecessor is elected.

Last week, the Post Courier had run a statement by the Kandrian-Gloucester MP, Joseph Lelang, alleging Mr Muthuvel of releasing 'hundreds of thousands of Kina', to sway results of the vote.

The one-sided article which did not seek any comment from Mr Muthuvel over the accusations, also stated that Mr Muthuvel is no longer the governor, and he should not be interfering with the running of the West New Britain Provincial Government, currently under the care of deputy governor, Lawrence Mango.

Mr Muthuvel countered the allegations in the media in Port Moresby, labelling them as both misleading and highly defamatory.

He said the only money his office released lately was a cheque of K100,000 for a library for the remote Aragilpu Primary School, that was budgeted for and approved by the Provincial Assembly.

Minister Muthuvel further says according to the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments, he remains the governor until his successor is elected.

A sour Mr Muthuvel says he has sought advise from both the Departments of Inter-Government Relations and the Attorney General and reserves his rights to take legal action and lodge and formal complaint against Mr Lelang with the appropriate authorities.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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