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Former PNG PM O'Neill's PNC Party will not join Opposition

Former PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's People’s National Congress Party (PNC) will not join the opposition, this is according to a statement released by the party today.

The statements states "PNC is the second largest coalition partner in the Marape government and will not not move to the Opposition because PNC voted for Marape as Prime Minister and remained the largest coalition partner.

Former PNG Prime Minister and PNC Party leader Hon Peter O'Neill 
PNC members are also holding onto eight ministries in the government and chose to stand with and its leader, which also included the Speaker of the House, Job Pomat who is also the deputy party leader.

The ministers Higher Education Minister Nick Kuman, Works Minister Michael Nali, Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas, Labour Minister Alfred Manase, Public Service Minister Wesley Nukundj, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Soroi Eoe, Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Elias Kapavore, and Housing Minister Justin Thatchenko.

Richard Maru a senior member for the party was decommissioned yesterday by the Prime Minister as National Planning Minister. The day before Mr Marape bluntly told the party leader who is also Ialibu-Pangia MP and former prime minister Peter O’Neill that his party was no longer needed in government.

The Prime Minister welcomed the National Alliance party as a coalition partner but an hour later, party leader Patrick Pruaitch declared that NA was still in Opposition and that only three of his party MPs moved to government.

During the PNC caucus meeting on Tuesday evening, despite Marape giving them the boot, PNC and its 22 MPs stand united.

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