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PNG Doctors to take aggressive and serious approach for change

Doctors in PNG's Capital Port Moresby are in solidarity as they prepare to make serious calls for change in management heads in the Health Department which they say is failing them in a lot of areas.

National Doctors Association President Dr. James Naipao, this afternoon told FM 100 News that doctors had “enough” of incompetent performance in the department headed by people who they say “have no qualification and experience in providing health services.”

“We have had enough of mismanagement, ill performance by senior managers who have no background in health, today we will make calls for change and we will be aggressive this time”, says Dr. Naipao.

The doctors met this afternoon to express their concerns and grievances in the Health Department to NDA executives as they prepare to collect relevant information and facts, before NDA executives draft a formal documentation for a cause on Thursday this week.

NDA Secretary Dr. Sam Yockopua says the doctors will meet tomorrow afternoon to present their information and the doctors will make “serious” and aggressive call for change in management during this week.

Dr. Yockopua says if it means a change for the Health Secretary who does not have any qualification and experience in providing health services, and then it will be the doctors’ fight to ensure there is change.

We are tired of having shortage in drugs, important drugs to treat our patients, says Dr. Yockopua

FM100/PNG Today

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