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St. John Ambulance Officers attacked

Two incidents occurred this morning were members of the St. John Ambulance team who were responding to emergencies at 9 mile and ATS area in National Capital District were held up by armed offenders and were viciously assaulted.

Properties belonging to the officers and St John Ambulance equipment were also stolen during the incident.

St John Ambulance Commissioner Mathew Canon in a press conference this afternoon strongly condemned the actions and says the perpetrators of these attacks do not represent the good people of Port Moresby.

Commissioner Canon says for centuries St John men and women have stood on the frontline of danger and it is never acceptable for ambulance officers or any health worker to be attacked.

National Capital District Deputy Governor and Chairman of the Motu Koitabu Assembly Dadi Toka Jnr. express his concerns over the incident and calls on public to respect ambulance workers.

The matter was reported to police and investigation has commenced for both incidents.

St John team urges to anyone who has any information that may assist in investigating these most serious events to contact the police.

In a period of six months, three incidents have occurred to St John Ambulance while providing emergency services.

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