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International Performers Rock Amazing Port Moresby Independence Festival

Dozens of performers from four different countries with their gigs and brilliant performances started wowing hundreds of city residents who converged at Era Kone (formerly Ela Beach) yesterday (Saturday) for a three-day event.

Following the opening parade which was launched by Deputy Governor and Motu Koitabu Assembly Chairman, Dadi Toka Jnr yesterday (Saturday) the much-anticipated program kicked off well with arts and cultural, and music performances.

The city is hosting nine stages comprising of Walk for Unity today which saw thousands in red, black and gold colours joining NCD Governor Powes Parkop who led the unity walk today (Sunday) Cultural Show, Sports Carnival, Arts and Cultural Festival, Battle of Bands, Music Concert, Prime Minister’s parade at the Independence Boulevard, University of Papua New Guinea and Pacific Adventist University.

Trio Papua of West Papua also performed their numbers using the platform importantly to increase awareness on Free West Papua campaign and also as a guest band showing solidarity as the country is markings into 44th Independence Anniversary.

Japanese basketball juggler Jun Hasegawa and Australia's fire jugglers Nathan Troy and Mark Fasson also performed their breathtaking shows.

Saii Kay, Ansolom, Sorong Samarai band and many others are also performing today at 3pm.

Musicians, jugglers, dancers, clowns, comedians and traditional groups will continue to mesmerize and entertain the residents in the city during the 44th Independence Anniversary.

Speaking at the opening parade in Era Kone yesterday, Chairman Toka recollected that in 1884 Commodore Erskine raised the Union Jack flag at Metoreia Hill, Hanuabada Village and proclaimed this land to be a Protectorate of the Queen of England, Queen Victoria.

He added that in 1975, Queen Victoria’s Grandson, Prince Charles officiated a ceremony just down the road from Hanuabada Village at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium in Konedobu where the Australian Flag was lowered and the first red, black and golden flag of 'our nation' was raised.

"On 16th of September 1975 we gained Independence peacefully and what an amazing journey it has been. Independence Day is a day that reminds us of the sacrifices people made before us and we have some amazing nation builders such as Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julias Chan, Sir John Guise, Sir Kidu, Taureka and Rarua-Rarua just to name a few. What a legacy!

"Arise all the sons and daughters of this land. The future and the highlight of this great nation is the people. When the people have a sense of pride, sense of belonging and a sense of unity then this nation will prosper for many years to come," he said.

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