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Minister Tkatchenko cuts PNG NHC Chairman's K8000 per month Allowance

The sitting allowance and stipends for the chairman of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) is K8000 per month.

Minister for Housing and Urbanisation Justin Tkatchenko revealed this to the media when announcing a staff restructure of the NHC.

He said the chairman had been getting hefty payments without making any valuable contribution to the growth of NHC.

“I have directed the Acting Managing Director to write to the board to abolished and restructure the payment of the boards, including the Chairman so that they have six meetings a year to be productive and to cater for the issues of NHC and also that the board fees go down dramatically to K1000.00 per board meeting”, Mr Tkatchenko said.

“How he got that and how that was done was before my time. That K64,000.00 a year for a chairman that I don’t know what he does, so we have to be realistic and we have to make sure that its fair to everyone,” he said.

Mr Tkatchenko said it is his ministerial responsibility to give direction and ensure that this figures and income are properly accorded.

“I personally was a bit shocked when I heard how much they were being paid and I abolished it weeks ago, because I feel it was unnecessary and it was not properly accorded to what it was intended for. So let’s be fair”, he said.

The Housing Minister who is a commissioner in the NCDC board said he received K300 per sitting, which is after every six to eight weeks and for a board member in NHC to receive a stipend on top of a sitting allowance “is getting a bit ridiculous”.

Tkatchenko said he had cancelled board stipends and only six board meetings will be held annually with each member receiving K1000 per meeting.

The NHC board is made up of the Chairman who is an appointee by the Minister and nine others which one from the Department of National Planning, Finance, Lands, one from NCDC and other representative from different sectors.


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