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PINA president concern over Vanuatu's Media Director Dan McGarry Issue

The Pacific Islands News Association, PINA, is concerned about the ongoing issue between the Vanuatu Government and the country's daily Newspaper's Media Director Dan McGarry.

In a statement, PINA President and NBC Managing Director, Kora Nou, said the regional media group believes what is currently happening in Vanuatu is not only a direct threat to media freedom and freedom of expression, but is also a direct threat to democracy and good governance.

Mr Nou also said the decision by the Vanuatu Government to prevent Mr McGarry from travelling to Vanuatu from Brisbane is a direct contravention of Article 19 of the UN on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and Sustainable Development Goal 16.

He added that PINA has been monitoring this situation, and urge the Government of Vanuatu to urgently rethink the stance it has on Mr McGarry, because it has now attracted wider condemnation from regional and international media organisations as well.

The President also said both the government and media have their rightful places in a democratic society, and he is hopeful the Vanuatu Government will do the right thing by its people by reversing its earlier decision.

Kora Nou further said the PINA is equally concerned that the issue has also temporarily separated McGarry from his wife and two daughters, who are currently in Vanuatu, while he is in Brisbane.

NBC News / PNG Today

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