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PNG PM Marape announces reshuffle of govt Ministers

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister  James Marape, MP, today announced the reshuffle of his Government Ministers.

He made this announcement at the Government House in Port Moresby, after the swearing-in ceremony of the Government Ministers:

The announcements were as follows:

1. Hon. Renbo Paita, MP as the Minister for Finance & Rural Development;

2. Hon. Patrick Pruatich, MP, Leader of NA Party as the Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Trade.

3. Hon. William Duma MP, Leader of URP Party as the Minister for Commerce and Industry;

4. Hon. Timothy Masiu MP, Deputy NA Party Leader, Minister for Communication and Information Technology;

5. Hon. Jelta Wong MP, Deputy URP Party Leader, as the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS.

6. Hon. Jeffrey Kama, MP, as the Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations;

7. Hon.Wera Mori, MP, as the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change;

8. Hon. Wesley Nukundi Nukunj MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Security; and

9. Hon. Soroi Eoe, MP, Minister for Public Service.

10. Hon. Kerenga Kua MP, Minister Petroleum and Energy.

PM Marape also said that the Ministry for Petroleum has now been replaced with the Ministry for Petroleum and Energy while the Ministry the used to be Communication and Energy is now the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

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