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TFF Policy out, PNG Government to Introduce 'Affordable Education Policy'

Through the Papua New Guinea  Budget Bills few new significant policies and focus areas have emerged. One of them is the “AFFORDABLE EDUCATION POLICY”.

Parents in this country have huge burden worrying about students who leave grade 8, grade 10 or grade 12. Well the future is now secured through the HELP (Higher Education Loan Policy) policy , a signature Marape and Pangu blue print.

This ensures that over K230 million now allocate(2020) for Student Interest Free Loan can help parents all over the country with all school fees paid by Government. This includes paying school fees for Vocational , Technical, Colleges and Universities including student studying overseas.

PMJM says parents have more burden at tertiary levels and this is government direct help to them unlike O’Neill’s free education program that stopped only at grade 12.

For elementary to grade 12 national government will pay 50% of cost and the other 50% is passed to parents and local MPs and provincial governments for their partnership there.

To help parents finding school fees , the Marape Steven government is also for the first time puts over K300 million in Agriculture and SME funds so parents can work for their land.

These are landmark policy and budget decisions to get our people to work our economy and assist where it is needed most.

Of the HELP ( Higher Education Loan Program) fund, it is anticipated that there will be direct link to creating future generation of PNGeans into SME space.

Pangu Party under PM Marape wants all citizens to work hard and contribute to the country. These two intertwined policies of Education funding plus SME funds are geared towards lifting more productivity amongst our citizens.

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