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Police officer Arrested For Sexual Assault Of 7 Year Old Girl

A seven year old girl who was allegedly sexually penetrated by a police officer dispatched during the festive season operations in Western Province is now receiving treatment at the Daru General Hospital.

South Fly Provincial Police Commander Brian Kombe told FM100 News, the officer who was attached under his command in South Fly was part of the Task Force team sent to Tapila Police Post when the incident happened.

He says the officer was allegedly drunk at the time he committed the offense on 31st December 2019.

PPC Kombe says upon his orders, the officer was arrested, charged and locked up at the Daru Police Station cells awaiting his court appearance.

The suspect was also refused bail as ordered by the PPC.

On that note, PPC Kombe has issued a stern warning to police personnel not to act above the law and appealed to citizens in South Fly to report to him any ill discipline conduct by police personnel in his command.

FM 100

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