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48 Members pass PNG National Budget , adjourn Parliament To 20 April, 2021

 The Papua New Guinea 2021 National Budget of K19.6 billion has been passed by 48 members of parliament who attended the sitting this morning. 

Treasurer Ian Ling Stuckey facilitated the handing down of the deficit Budget as the first, of government business for the day. Prime Minister James Marape, in his address, said for the last 18 months he has tried at best to address debts incurred under the leadership of his predecessor. 

PM Marape said the law is in order and he is playing by the book and playing it fair. This morning's sitting also saw changes made to the Parliament Private Members Committee. This is the committee that vets the motion for VONC against a Prime Minister. Members put in by Opposition Leader Belden Namah last week have since been removed. Parliament has been adjourned to 2PM, April 20 2021.

Meanwhile, the opposition who has the majority in its side is yet to make a statement. 


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