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Two Women Accused of Sorcery Tortured in Port Moresby

Two women from Eastern Highlands Province have been burnt with hot iron rods, and tortured today, at a 5-mile area in Port Moresby, following accusations of sorcery.

The attack began this morning and continued into the afternoon at around 2pm when police were alerted and rescued one while the other escaped earlier.

One woman managed to escape what was described as an interrogation by the male perpetrators - to admit to the killing of another woman who died earlier in the week, in the community.

She sustained cuts and burns as well.

NBC News, was at the scene when the second woman was brought down by police - bleeding with cuts to her head, and her arms and foot almost severed, and her body burnt with hot iron rods resulting in skin peeling off.

Community leader Elliot Raphael told NBC News, it is shocking and unfortunate - adding that a solution needs to be found to address this issue.

St. John Ambulance was at the scene to attend to the women, and transfer them to the Port Moresby General Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile  Port Moresby Police responded to a distress call today and rescued two women who were tortured and were about to be killed, at a settlement near the NBC compound at 5 Mile. 

Fox 304 and a Gordon's Police unit led by PSC Gordon's Inspector Robert Wane  arrived in time before the two women could have been killed. 

Up to twenty men escaped upon seeing police arriving. 

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said, the pair were accused of practicing sorcery, held in captivity, beaten up and thrown into a fire, going by the burns they sustained in this crime.

One of the woman managed to escape from her captors and ran down a hill before she was rescued by police. 

The second victim was found badly wounded and bound with ropes when she was found by police, lying in a garden. 

Mr Ikumu said those responsible for these heinous acts fled before police arrived but their identities are known to police. 

Mr Ikumu strongly condemned these crimes and requested  the families and relatives of the two victims  to come forward and provide their statements. From the statements, the perpetrators will be identified for arrests to be made. 

The two victims, who were recieved severe burn and knife wounds were treated by Saint John's Ambulance at the scene and moved to the Hospital. They were traumitized from the ordeal.

Divisional Commander NCD/Central Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jnr has also condemned this vicious attack. "I condemn this vicious act of torture on two helpless mothers. People must change their mindset. We are living in a modern growing City. Therefore, understanding of issues must change. This is unacceptable. Our Metropolitan Superintendent NCD will ensure that those responsible will be brought to justice! " stated the Commander. 

Police investigations into the whole ordeal will commence after the two women are visited by Counselling experts.

Police Media/NBC / PNG Today

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