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Sepik Plan Agro Project progressing Well

The hundred million Kina Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa innovation project has the potential to go a long way.

The Secretary for National Planning and Monitoring Koney Samuel said this during his recent visit to the Sepik Plains.

Sepik Plan Agro Project
Sepik Plan Agro Project

Secretary Samuel was impressed with the development of the site including the chicken houses, egg hatchery, slaughterhouse, storage facility and the way the project has taken off, producing eggs and poultry for the local market under the 'Sepik Fresh' label.

 He indicated that the government was ready to provide support to the project including road works into the plains.

The Secretary further said the project has a long way to go as some of the key policy focus of the government including 'Taking Back PNG is all happening there.

Member for Yangoru Saussia Richard Maru, in thanking the visiting team, said, the partnership with the Israeli Company LR Group is a strategic one, focused on producing agricultural projects that will, in the long run, replace imports.

NBC News / PNG Today 

File pictures from Richard Maru

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