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PNG Hospitals need K14 Million for Oxygen Concentrators

Papua New Guinea hospitals need  K14-million  to buy oxygen concentrators  that will assist the moderate, critical and severe COVID-19 cases that are being reported throughout the hotspot provinces of the country.

Deputy Controller Dr. Daoni Esorom. NBC News Photo

Deputy Controller Dr. Daoni Esorom told NBC's Government talkback show on Monday night, this is the most critical equipment needed right now for the next three months, as the country battles a third wave of the pandemic.

Dr. Esorom says the recent case of the Mt. Hagen General Hospital, clearly highlights this need.

''They (Mt Hagen Hospital staff) actually ran out of oxygen over the weekend, I got a call from the Hospital CEO on Friday,'' said Dr Esorom.

The Mt. Hagen General Hospital which is scaling down on services this week due to a funding shortfall has reported 2 COVID-19 deaths, with a total of new cases at 109.

It's reportedly yet to receive funding of K1.6 million to keep the hospital's other clinical services running. 

However, a  statement released by the Health Secretary yesterday afternoon states that funds for the Mt Hagen hospital were released already.

Meantime, in a virtual news conference this afternoon, Dr. Daoni Esorom told reporters the need for K14 million is based on the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

He also clarified that the COVID-19 funds are not exhausted. 

NBC News / PNG Today

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