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Yamasombi calls on road traffic authorities to address influx of unroadworthy vehicles in city

 The head of PNG Illicit & Narcotic Investigation Team and Assistant Commissioner of Police Donald Yamasombi has called on the road traffic authorities to address the increasing number of unroadworthy vehicles in the city.

Yamasombi calls on road traffic authorities to address influx of unroadworthy vehicles in city

Mr Yamasombi made this call after a narrow escape from what could have been a nasty road accident involving an unroadworthy Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) that is operating in one of the city routes.

Mr Yamasombi said, “Lately the city roads are being flooded with unroadworthy vehicles and careless drivers that pose great risk to the city residents and genuine road users. As per our record road traffic accidents are occurring on a daily bass and this is a grave concern that needs immediate attention.

“We have enough road traffic regulations that need effective implementation and enforcement. The police are ready to assist but we need the responsible authorities to make the call for us to assist as they have the regulatory powers. I’m calling on the responsible authorities to seriously look into this growing concern as it is no longer safe for city residents to use,” Mr Yamasombi said.

He added that most of the PMVs operating in the city and those that are traveling in from the Central and Gulf Provinces need to be thoroughly checked as they are no longer roadworthy and safe for public usage.

“I had similar incidents in the past but the recent one nearly cost my life and what concerns me most is that the vehicle operated with many defects that should have been grounded had the authorities done regular traffic spot-check,” Mr Yamasombi said.

Mr Yamasombi said other traffic offences such as driving and parking on the footpath, traffic island, and flower beds are an eyesore in our city and these behaviours need to be dealt with as well.

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