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Doctors' mass resignation demonstrates disrespect: Kase

THE doctors proposed threats of mass resignation demonstates disrespect for due processes, both legal and administrative, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said today.

“I am informed that there is an intention on the part of both doctors and nurses to effect a mass resignation and immediately abandon their posts at Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.”

Mr Kase said he was advised that the reason for such action to force the dismissal of some officers in Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) management and some members, or possibly all members of the WHPHA Board.

He said there is currently a legal process under way to address the concerns of the combined health unions in Western Highlands that was started by Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Michael Malabag has yet to be completed.

“This proposed action demonstrates complete disrespect for the appropriate legal and administrative processes” said Mr Kase. “It is critical that these processes take their course. “

“Doctors, nurses and other health workers are a crucial part of the PNG health system and it cannot operate successfully without their commitment and their labour.

However, it is simply not appropriate to be seeking removal or termination of office bearers and staff at WHPHA before the conclusion of appropriate processes.

Those involved in seeking such an outcome must know that people cannot be summarily dismissed in the middle of any such proceedings.”

“Should this threat of collective resignation be carried into effect, there are potentially devastating consequences for many people, some of whom have nothing to do with this dispute.”

“First and foremost, the effects will fall most heavily on the patients currently at WHPHA and their families, and on those who would have sought admission or treatment at WHPHA over the short to medium term following the mass resignation.”

“The immediately foreseeable risks include increased suffering, clinical complications and even preventable death.”

Mr Kase said those proposing the current mass resignation might also give some thought to the consequences for those following their leadership and supporting such a position.

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