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We can learn more from current student protest

Commentary by Governor Powes Parkop

Crisis and protest and demonstrations are all normal in the development of a nation. Europe suffered from war and famine and unrest and diseases to be where they are today that we want to emulate and model their economic success and democracy! Venezuela is having food shortages as one of the most oil richest country in the world. We talk about declining economy and an end to corruption, but we also have to look at the bigger picture.

Everything that is happening now can be an opportunity for another government to do better, another protest to be better organized, another demonstration to be done better and police force to learn and be adequately trained, if we are all really willing to learn. It's been 40 years and I have been in politics for 2 terms running and I have a fair idea what is going on and I assure everyone that we will resume stability and we will be stronger and better able to deal with such situations in future. We don't have to go to war or civil unrest and have food shortages and we are far from such dangers.
We have to learn to have gratitude for what we have as a people and as a nation compared to some other country who is really suffering. We have to be more focused on what we have then what we lack. It's human nature to be judgmental, critical but I assure you the next person at the top post will have a bigger job and our problems will still remain!

Removing the Prime Minister will not solve the problems of PNG. It will not end corruption and we will not be better off. Students protesting is good for civil rights and for democracy and for people to exercise their freedom of expression and speech. However, the protests have incited opportunities to create a security threat to other civilians, school going children business houses etc. Then it becomes unlawful when it is a threat to security! Then that has to be contained. I have been thrown in prison twice during my days as an activist and life in Bomana wasn't fun and my suffering didn't change anything.
The strength of a nation or of a leader is not how successful or how well they are doing in good times, but how steadfast and controlled and united we can continue to be in times of crisis and downfall. The decision and reaction of the PM is his prerogative but as for me as Governor of NCD, I will not give up on being the best for the people who have elected me and I will continue to lift the City and our country to where it can potentially be.
Thank you.
Governor Parkop

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