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When will we weaponize our worth?

Commentary by Petrus GAND 

 I am not sure if anyone else is seeing what I am seeing?  Struggling, hustling, improvising and strategizing amid this ethnically diverged society [in Papua New Guinea] has brought us no good. Troublesome, chaos, destruction and vengeance appear to be our way of reacting to issues. And it grows insanely nasty isn’t it?

 Clumsy our systems are that they have strangled our progress. Which is why harmony is unlikely to be the kind of state we would aim for in the decades to come.  

It is very simple to manage an entity that has many liquid assets because it will back you up in the business world where market security is of high regard. And for a country, we have a trillion-worth of resources to support us. But it is quite confusing when our leaders who enter parliament happen to lose their compass and go off-track effortlessly.

 This is where personal greed overrules. And it is evil. Evil greed. Anyhow, I'd never seen an MP in one of our human cages for culprits, though they frequently breach laws.  

 Eventually, it bloats up the curiosity whether the department of national planning and monitoring (DNPM) and the PNG Auditor General together with the Ombudsman Commission uphold the protocols in place or are merely filling-up the post with an official manipulation to be loyal.

 In larger bureaucracies where complex organizations and institutions operate, conforming to a pre-set code of conduct is the utmost purpose of the modern bureaucracy. It is a vital tool to contain order and conquer transparency and accountability.

 But our wantokism and clientelism systems have insulated corruption and is weakening the sensitive arms of the government. PNG’s judiciary arm had compromised with the legislative and executive, enabling the office bearers to be systematic dictators for years. In fact, many things seem to go off the books and are inconsistent with our current constitutions, yet justice never shows-up.    

Theories after theories our universities have adopted as if our very own but we have never practiced it genuinely. Perhaps, we have the tendency to be easily influenced by money.    

Undoubtedly, money might be the motive to many politicians but not for some selfless predestined-shepherds who crave for the continuation of this race.  

 Our economy at first count is scrubbed-off because it is too little to do away with all the good things that our politicians promised us at the grand stands. We must be innovative and flexible in order to survive as an independent state while accepting little alienated inspirations.

 We have been granted independence on a golden platter as history recalls. In order to move forward, we should shed some blood so whoever is reelected will think otherwise.


Petrus GAND 


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