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Sir Peter appeal for peace and good order in Enga

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has appealed to the Enga people to maintain peace and order in the province to experience positive developments that the government was implementing in the province.

Sir Peter said this when delivering a Lucas Saw Mill to the Yol Tribe of Sirunki in the Laigaip-Porgera District recently.

He said tribal conflict would not bring any good to the people and land but destruction and chaos.

"We get nothing good out of tribal fights yet we endure in such illegal activities that bring destructions to our lives and communities that we must learn to negotiate and maintain peace to prevail at all times", he said.

The governor urged the people to cut timbers using the machine given and build schools and other buildings destroyed in tribal fights in the area.

Sir Peter pointed out to the people that they were hosting the multimillion kina Talum Agro Industry project in the district and  they should focus such project to enhance their livelihoods.

"You have such great impact projects like Talum where you can cultivate your land and sell to the company. Through such business activities, you can build your own small businesses," he said.

“Forget about tribal fighting, you will gain nothing out of but only misery, death, destruction and pain,” Sir Ipatas told the Sirunki people.

Alipis Napalito of Wapu Tribe of Porea Village, Surinki thanked the governor and said they will use the Saw Mill to saw timbers and build new buildings in the area.

Mr Napalito said that the tribal fight between the Yol and Muwien tribes claimed 10 lives and destruction of state properties such as schools and aid posts.

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