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Digicel Facebook users cause most internet traffic

IT has been revealed that 98 per cent of internet traffic is from Digicel customers through Facebook, says managing director Shivan Bhargava.

Mr Bhargava said during the launch of Digicel’s 1Tok crazy October launch that since the company’s establishment in the country in 2007 it has managed to acquire 95 per cent of market shares through its customers.

He said the month of October will bring many surprises for its customers and as a way of giving back to its valued customers they are doing the 1Tok crazy October launch where customers get the chance to use sms and voice calls at a lower rate.

He also said they are looking into the issue of customers losing credits when buying data to use the internet.

"There is a terror of smart phone in this country today and smart phones are definitely not dumb phones they are smart and our network is also healthy in a lot of places which is 3G and covers 70 percent of the sites so by nature of the handset.

Networks speak to the applications that we store in our handsets almost continuously so in the background there is a lot of applications keeps running therefore there’s a lot of credit annoyingly which goes away from a consumer which is actually set by the applications set in our phones," he explained.

Mr Bhargava said as the leader they have taken into considerations the concerns and have understood that the speed of the network has also contributed to loss of data.

"We have started looking at a few things and we are improving ourselves as there is a huge action that we need to take as an organisation to go in and improve upon education part of internet is concerned so that is one step we are taking forward in order to educate all the data users as to what data actually means and how a smart phone operates.

"Complaints are not coming in from a dumb feature phone customer for credits missing it is normally the smart phone users who complains and it is largely to do with data and that’s because the phone being smart and our network being very fast. So there’s a lot of education that we need to go ahead and do for our customers," he said.

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